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Femme Nutrition currently getting ready to enter the pre-workout market

femme pre-workout

Fans of the female marketed brand Femme Nutrition, which is also from the minds behind PharmaFreak. Will be happy to hear that their favorite brand’s small two supplement line-up is soon going to be joined by a third. Femme has confirmed that it has a pre-workout formula on the way, currently being referred to as the Femme Pre-Workout.

We don’t have any details on what ingredients the brand has decided to squeeze into it, just that it will be a flavored formula like most pre-workouts. We do also know the possible flavors the Femme Pre-Workout is going to be launched in, as the brand is currently deciding between Berry Melon, Fruit Punch, and Citrus. Since it’s deciding between those three, we can only assume that means the pre-workout will have at least one flavor on its menu, and at most two.

While a lot of its details are still a mystery at the moment, the Femme Pre-Workout is sounding like it’s actually not very far away. The brand is saying the product is going to be released soon, which usually means sooner rather than later.

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