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Updated Velocity 1 of the many new products in Fitmark’s upcoming 2015 Collection

Updated Velocity 1 of the many new products in Fitmark's upcoming 2015 Collection

Fitmark have now started teasing their next line of products, the 2015 Collection. From what we know so far the range includes quite a few new items such as the Performance Duffel, Athletic Tote and Sprint Pack. As well as updated versions of two Fitmark classics, the Class Backpack and one of our favorites the Velocity Backpack. From the list today we’ve got a close up of the new Velocity, where we do see a number of major changes. The main and side pockets, including one for a bottle are all still there, as well as the shoe or clothing compartment at the bottom and the laptop pocket at the back. The big edits mostly come on the front as instead of a vertical zip into the second larger area Fitmark have changed it to a curved one, and moved the soft lined pocket from the very back to just above the front compartment. The brand have kept on all three of Velocity’s colorways black, gray and red, although made the black and gray’s colorful accents stand out a little more. To go with the preview, Fitmark have also confirmed that fans will be able to pre-order the updated backpack mid next month, giving you about three to five weeks to save up. The place to go as always will be the brand’s own website where Fitmark have already made room for the new Velocity, with the current version listed as out of stock.

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