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Rainbow sherbet on its way to iForce Nutrition’s Hemavol Max menu

Rainbow sherbert on its way to iForce Nutrition's Hemavol Max menu

Earlier this week iForce Nutrition’s highly anticipated sequel supplement Hemavol Max or HemaVO2 as it has come to be written, launched at Muscle & Strength. As expected since then the product has gone on sale in a number of other locations, although each place stocking the same flavor as the next with very cherry lime. Based on images of the supplement we did know very cherry wasn’t going to be alone as juicy watermelon was also confirmed for the menu. We can now tell you that the amount of options you’ll eventually have to choose from will be twice what we knew of, as Hemavol Max is expected to be coming in a total of four tastes. Joining very cherry lime and juicy watermelon at some point will be a flavor iForce have proven they’re extremely good at lemon drop, and one you could say takes a page out of MAN’s book with the unique rainbow sherbet. Another update on Hemavol Max that may interest pump pre-workout fans is that most places showing up with the product are doing so at the same price as Muscle & Strength. Not every one has the free tee to giveaway like they do, however if you’re number one concern is price. Mass Nutrition have the supplement $5 cheaper at $29.99, where you can also actually see Hemavol Max’s other three flavors all of which are of course not available just yet.

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