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Dulce De Leche adds even more interest to Innovative’s 100% hydrolyzed Hypro 1Whey

Dulce De Leche adds even more interest to Innovative's 100% hydrolyzed Hypro 1Whey

This week Innovative Nutrients have finally turned their small range of supplements into a total of five launching their first ever protein powder Hypro 1Whey. When we first introduced the brand the product was confirmed as one of their upcoming three, which we’ve now got all the details on and where you can purchase it. Starting with the supplement’s list of macros, Hypro features all the usual numbers such as 26g of protein, 2g of sugar, half a gram of fat with an impressive 110 calories. Protein fans will be happy to hear that INN have not listed any free form aminos on the label steering clear of amino spiking suspicion, and have actually only gone with just the one protein form in hydrolyzed whey isolate. As interesting as Hypro’s 51 serving formula is it doesn’t end there as the brand have keep the effort going right through to the product’s menu. While INN’s protein does come in all the usual tastes chocolate cake, vanilla creme and cookies n’ creme, the brand have outdone themselves with flavor number four, dulce de leche. The classic recipe more than gets our attention, as it is the first time we’ve come across the option on a protein powder’s menu. As mentioned INN have now officially launched Hypro 1Whey, however it is only available direct from the brand which with a price tag of $105.99 may you leave you waiting for a retailer.

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