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Red Heat Shot identical to INNutrient’s Red Heat pre-workout

red heat shot

At the moment Innovative Nutrients or more commonly known as INNutrients, has a total of five supplements. You have the pre-workout Red Heat Inn-Tensified, fat burner Red Heat Inn-Cinerator, stimulant free pre-workout Inntensity, BCAA formula Inndensity, and the most recently released product the protein powder Hypro 1Whey. This week a sixth supplement has been spotted, or seventh if you count the yet to be seen again Glutam-INN H20, with yet another spin off of Red Heat.

The latest product looking to join the INNutrients family is a premixed formula called Red Heat Shot. While its title doesn’t exactly confirm whether it is a spin off of Red Heat Inn-Tensified or Red Heat Inn-Cinerator, we can confirm that Red Heat Shot is a replica of the pre-workout Red Heat Inn-Tensified. When we say replica we mean it, as ingredient for ingredient the Red Heat Shot is exactly the same. Both of Red Heat Inn-Tensified’s proprietaries are in the 2oz shot, with all the same ingredients and blend weights.

For now the supplement has only been confirmed in one flavor, Orange Pineapple, with no word yet on where or when it will be launched. All we know is we haven’t seen the Red Heat Shot before and it’s not one INNutrients are proudly displaying on their website.

Innovative Nutrients Red Heat Shot

red heat shot

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