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Cherry kiss almost triples Lecheek’s Hottie menu a day after cotton candy

Cherry kiss almost triples Lecheek's Hottie menu a day after cotton candy

We were already surprised yesterday when news came in of Lecheek Nutrition adding a fourth flavor to their female formulated pre-workout Hottie before their third was even made available. The taste added to the supplement’s menu was cotton candy, joining caramel latte on the brand’s list of unreleased options. Whether or not it’s due to the success of Hottie, Lecheek have confirmed another recipe for the product, officially making it five flavors. The latest taste to be named is cherry kiss, which as well named as it is does see the brand take a break from the creative side and head back into more familiar flavors. For those keeping track at home that does make it three new Hotties fans have to look forward to, almost tripling the supplement’s menu in less than a month. Like the others we don’t yet have a date on when we’ll be seeing cherry kiss, although’s deal is still running where you can stock up until the new tastes arrive for $17.99 a tub.

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