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Much better deal on MAN’s dorks ISO-Amino now at Natural Body as expected

Much better deal on MAN's dorks ISO-Amino now at Natural Body as expected

It was only just yesterday that we suggested MAN fans interested in saving money, sit back and wait for a better promotion on the brand’s latest. While MAN did put together an insider deal on their sixth ISO-Amino flavor, the new Nerds inspired recipe dorks. The 1%er offer was identical to the one we saw with MAN’s previous Candy Series effort fruittles, which kept ISO-Amino’s direct price the same with freebies making up for the difference. Now much like with fruittles and its incredible launch bargain of $17.87 at Nutraplanet, MAN’s third Candy Series supplement has also got an introductory promotion however it’s not at Nutraplanet. This time around the new ISO-Amino has been released with a sale at Natural Body that almost puts all others to shame. The deal is purchase one tub of ISO-Amino in any flavor, whether it be dorks, fruittles or any of the originals for $21.99, and you will get a full tub of MAN’s Glutamine Peptides free. If you purchase two or more the individual cost then goes down to just $19.99, with each bottle of ISO-Amino getting you another one of Glutamine Peptides. Like all good specials this one won’t be around forever, so if you are interested make sure you head on over to Natural Body as soon as you can.

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