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Dorks makes it three for MAN Sport’s awesome ISO-Amino Candy Series


Yesterday afternoon MAN’s third ISO-Amino Candy Series flavor was revealed and released to the brand’s group of 1%ers. The taste confirmed as the follow up to the Sour Patch Kids inspired sour batch kids, and Skittles inspired skiddles or now fruittles, is one as we said fans guessed quite quickly. The official title of the flavor is dorks, the recipe you can easily associate both through its name and imagery to the iconic candy Nerds. MAN are confidently promoting their latest ISO-Amino as possibly the best Candy Series option yet, and do now have it on sale direct. Just like all the others before it, the brand have put together a launch special for dorks, although instead the multi buy opportunity we had when the supplement first arrived MAN have repeated their fruittles deal. Basically purchase ISO-Amino’s sixth taste for the regular price of $29.99, and you will get free shipping and a branded water bottle. If you’re not prepared to invest that amount and are more interested in waiting for a lower price instead of freebies. Your patience could pay off if things go the way they did with fruittles, as not too long after MAN’s last ISO-Amino offer was released Nutraplanet had the flavor for an incredible $17.87.

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