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Epicatechin hinted at for MAN Sport’s next stackable supplement

Epicatechin hinted at for MAN Sport's next stackable supplement

MAN Sports have started teasing their next release, which will be their second formula for 2015 following on from the long awaited Lean PhD. In true MAN fashion the upcoming supplement has been posted with a sticker covering its title and short description of what the product actually is. Other details in the image do confirm some things such as the supplement packing a four week supply, with two capsules recommended per day. Outside of that we do get a few more pieces of information thanks to MAN’s few words they’ve released where they write “epic stack”, highlighting “EPI”. The more important letters really only point at one thing, as every other brand who has been promoting something with “EPI” always ends up unveiling an epicatechin formula. While an official unveiling by MAN will answer the question, placing the mystery product next to the likes of Nolvadren and suggesting it’s stackable, does also add to the epicatechin idea. For teasing is all we have with the brand set to launch their presumed muscle builder sometime over the next few months.

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