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Text colors drop clues on MAN’s third candy flavor for ISO-Amino

Text colors drop clues on MAN's third candy flavor for ISO-Amino

We already knew MAN had more candy flavors lined up for their hit BCAA formula ISO-Amino, of which it looks like they’re preparing to launch yet one more. It was the Sour Patch Kids inspired sour batch kids that started it all, especially for us as it still stands today as the best tasting amino supplement we’ve ever come across. The true candy like product was then followed by the Skittles inspired skiddles, or what is now named fruittles. The next flavor in line like the others before it, is being teased by MAN, although we are pretty sure we already know what it is with its colors matching the taste we were told about. If you are a follower of the brand’s you may have seen their post go up today encouraging fans to guess the sixth ISO-Amino flavor. While there wasn’t any prize confirmed for correct guesses, a handful of early commenters will eventually be hoping there was. The latest addition to the supplement’s family does join a list of releases MAN are lining up as we are nearing the arrival of the long awaited Lean PhD and a third taste for NOO Pump. As always we will keep you updated but if you want to be a part of the group that gets first dibs and insider offers straight from the brand, sign up to MAN’s family of 1%ers.

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