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More than 95% of Muscle Pharm’s Gainz from Jim Stoppani’s Post Jym

More than 95% of Muscle Pharm's Gainz from Jim Stoppani's Post Jym

We recently compared Muscle Pharm’s new Hardcore Series pre-workout Wreckage to the Jim Stoppani original Pre Jym, as a lot of people mentioned that the two are quite similar. Out of curiosity we decided to then compare Muscle Pharm’s other complex Hardcore supplement Gainz, to Stoppani’s post-workout competitor Post Jym. We do understand that post-workout formulas would be difficult to put together without using a similar combination as someone else. With that said however, if you though Wreckage and Pre Jym were close you’re going to be blown away by how identical Gainz and Post Jym are. Basically every main feature that’s in Gainz can be found in our favorite post-workout Post Jym. What’s more is that the doses of glutamine, CarnoSyn, creatine HCl and the BCAAs to some extent are exactly same with 3, 2, 2 and 6g. The reason we say the BCAAs are an exception is because the ratio is different, but the total is still identical. The only thing left is the BioPerine although even that is too close at 5.3mg for Stoppani at 5mg for Muscle Pharm. How ever you want to look at it Gainz doesn’t come off too well. With a formula made up of ingredients all from Post Jym, resulting in a combination of doses more than 95% the same, Gainz may be new to some but it’s certainly nothing new to Stoppani and his year old Post Jym.