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Nutrient partitioning catalyst the next stop for Prime’s Platinum Series with Partition-MD

Nutrient partitioning catalyst the next stop for Prime's Platinum Series with Partition-MD

Back when we first heard about Prime Nutrition’s Platinum Series we knew of a fat burner, protein powder, pre-workout, intra-workout and multi-vitamin. From that group we’ve seen three, Backdraft-XP the fat burner, Max-HP the pre-workout and the original Prime Platinum supplement the intra-workout Intra-MD. The brand have now unveiled their fourth product, which surprisingly doesn’t fall into any of the expected categories or even mainstream categories. The name of the latest from Prime is Partition-MD, a formula that unlike Max and Backdraft and more like Intra, gives away its intentions in its title. Partition-MD is a “nutrient repartitioning catalyst”, that all we know is further described in its second bottle listed line “unique ground breaking nutrition re-uptake delivery agent”. Outside of those two sentences Prime haven’t said anything else about the 120 capsule Partition-MD. We do know it was put together by the same mind behind Intra-MD John Meadows, hence the use of his initials, so we at least know it’s going to be effective based on his last effort. Release on this one is not yet known, as the brand have just said it will be their next supplement, also not mentioning whether it will be exclusive like Backdraft and Max-HP.

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