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Flavor number 11 added to Scivation’s already well ranged Xtend menu

Flavor number 11 added to Scivation's already well ranged Xtend menu

Back when Scivation previewed their completely rebranded range of Xtends, there stood a total of ten different flavors. Most of the brand’s fans will probably already know the options on the supplement’s menu, but just to go over them we’ve got fruit punch, grape, lemon lime, mango nectar, orange, pink lemonade, blue raspberry, strawberry kiwi, green apple and watermelon. Just when you thought Scivation had every fruit covered, today they’ve introduced flavor number 11 for the product with the tropically inspired pineapple. At the moment the only picture of the new Xtend is in a 30 serving bottle, which may not matter too much to fans although doesn’t confirm whether it will be coming in any of the supplement’s other volumes. Nothing has been mentioned about when we will be able to get a hold of Xtend number 11, but with the Arnold coming up in just over two weeks time, if Scivation are in attendance it’s likely pineapple will be too.

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