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Test Booster joins True Grit’s original four but without the 20% off

Test Booster joins True Grit's original four but without the 20% off

When’s exclusive brand True Grit first went on sale it launched with 20% off each of the supplements that were made available. Unfortunately those looking to get a stack of all six True Grit products or one with a vitamin or muscle builder, were out of luck. The release saw two thirds of the range go on sale with Pre, Post, Protein and Thermo. The duo left out were Multi and Test Booster, of which the latter has now been made available for purchase. As you might have predicted or were hoping wasn’t the case,’s 20% off promotion has ended, meaning True Grit fans are looking at full price for Test Booster. On the bright side the cost of the supplement isn’t actually half bad at just two dollars more than what Thermo was with the launch discount. The exact price on the product is $29.99, a total that would have been cut down to $23.99 had the sale kept going. If Test Booster is a must try for you, then the store’s offers on the other True Grit supplements might be what you need to justify the purchase. At the moment Pre, Protein and Thermo all have a buy two get one free deal going on them, which technically gives you 33% off either of the three. Whether or not you want to go that route and stack to save or wait for another True Grit special, Test Booster is now available at the reasonable price of a dollar a day.

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