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Rob & Dana Linn Baily’s Onward the perfect supplement for workoholics

Rob & Dana Linn Baily's Onward the perfect supplement for workoholics

With making your own supplement or entire line of supplements the thing to do these days, we feel we couldn’t let one of the latest celebrity produced products go by without a mention. Dana Linn Bailey and her partner Rob Bailey are more than known in this industry whether it be for their entertaining videos, training camps, clothing company or any of their many other ventures. Today their latest project has been unveiled with the supplement Onward. The product was announced in combination with a video of Dana and Rob going over the thought process behind the formula. Basically as the tagline reads in the image above “whatever your work may be”, Onward has been put together for those who work endless hours and really can’t afford to have things like lack of sleep effect their work. The supplement promises everything you really need to have boosted for a workoholic lifestyle with enhanced energy, increased focus, mood enhancement and the one you don’t see too often in energy formulas, immune support. While we have yet to see the facts panel for Onward, we have to appreciate the idea behind it. Throwing the effects the Baileys have into the one product not only makes Onward a very purpose based supplement, but also one of a kind. Our only concern now is whether or not it delivers on its promises, as celebrity formulas aren’t exactly known to be overly impressive.

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