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Chaos and Pain Hypnos takes over for Cannibal Coma

Chaos and Pain Hypnos

Chaos and Pain fans who have been waiting patiently for the hardcore brand’s attack on the sleep category, were told basically two weeks ago that Cannibal Coma was two weeks away. Today exactly two weeks from that day we have some rather interesting news, confirming that Chaos and Pain will in fact not be releasing Cannibal Coma. What the brand will be doing however is releasing their third Olympus Series supplement Hypnos, the product that Coma has essentially transformed in to. While Chaos and Pain have kept with their Greek mythology theme appropriately going with the personification of sleep, compared to the original samples of Cannibal Coma they have changed their formula quite a bit. Previously Coma was without GABA, packed 1mg of melatonin and actually featured theanine. As you can see in the facts panel below GABA is now included at 500mg, l-dopa has dropped down from 250 to 50mg, picamilon has been introduced, there is 50% more melatonin and the magnesuim aspartate has been almost doubled. If the concoction didn’t look dangerous before as Cannibal Coma, it definitely does now as the Olympus Series Hypnos. Even though the wait has turned out to be longer than expected, Chaos and Pain are finally getting ready to launch their sleep supplement in one to two weeks time with hopes for another great direct deal from the brand on release.

Chaos Pain Hypnos facts
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