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Stack3d @ the ’15 Arnold, Initiate Cytosport’s only complex Monster Series supplement

Stack3d @ the '15 Arnold, Initiate Cytosport's only complex Monster Series supplement

Earlier in our Arnold Classic Expo coverage we posted about Cytosport’s 11 new Monster Series supplements. The previously high end collection of formulas has been replaced by the protein powders Whey, Blend, Milk, Massive, Isolate, the basics Creatine and Amino. The Mobilized Series products Protein Bar, Amino RTD and Protein RTD, and the only somewhat complex supplement of the group Initiate. On our first visit to the Cytosport booth we didn’t get to see what was in each of the products, the second time around however our suspicions were confirmed. Basically every formula is as straightforward as it sounds except of course for the pre-workout Initiate. While we didn’t get a complete look at the standout supplement’s facts panel we did get its highlights with 150mg of caffeine, 3g citrulline, 2g each of CarnoSyn, betaine and leucine, and zero creatine. Cytosport are also promising a great tasting set of flavors with fruit punch, blue raspberry, grape and sour apple. The launch of Initiate is being promoted at the Arnold for sometime in May, which we assume is also when we’ll see the other 10.