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GNC’s bonus size Stimul8 joined by a 70 count Finaflex PX White

GNC's bonus size Stimul8 joined by a 70 count Finaflex PX White

Just as we saw them do a week or so ago at GNC with their 12.5% extra Stimul8, Finaflex have introduced another one of their supplements in an exclusive size. The latest product from the brand to hit the giant nutrition retailer is PX White, a fat burning formula usually found in a 60 capsule bottle designed to last 30 days with a price tag a bit below $30. At GNC PX White can now be found with 10 more capsules, 70 in total, working out to an extra five days worth or in percentage form 16.6%. The big issue last time with Finaflex’s bonus size Stimul8 at GNC was its value, as even though it had five more servings its price couldn’t compete with the cost of regular bottles elsewhere. This time around things are much the same as even though you do get 10 more capsules, you are going to be paying about $10 more. PX White’s regular price at GNC has been set at $39.99 and $37.99 with a Gold Card, not overly competitive compared to the sub $30 costs you’ll get at places like Tiger Fitness who ave the supplement at $27.99. Basically as we said last time, if you’re a fan of the Finaflex product you might want to continue shopping wherever you do, unless you are a collector of some sort and are prepared to pay about 15% more per serving.

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