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Smaller iForce Mass Gainz will cost you an extra 20% per serving

iForce Mass Gainz

While we are more used to seeing and appreciate larger supplement sizes introduced, mostly because they’re more cost-effective. iForce Nutrition have done what Muscle Pharm did with Combat some time ago, going the opposite direction and putting together a smaller size for one of their protein powders. The product that has had the significantly lighter option produced is the mass gainer Mass Gainz, getting a less than half size tub added to its menu. Originally the iForce supplement only came in a 10lb bag carrying a total of 35 servings, enough to last you about 7 weeks training 5 times a week. The latest Mass Gainz weighs in at an unfortunate 4.85lbs listing a little less than half at 17 servings, enough to last you 3 weeks and 2 workout days. Despite the size different to keep things consistent the new size has been given all three Mass Gainz flavors, with chocolate truffle, strawberries & cream and vanilla cake batter. The main detail of course is price, which as you could have guessed isn’t any where near as good as the 10lbers. iForce fans looking to downsize will be paying more than 20% extra per serving, not to mention having to stock up again in 3 or so weeks time. Most retailers are already carrying the 4.85lb, but if it wasn’t made clear definitely stick with the 10lb if you’re looking to save money and time.

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