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HIT Muscle Matrix drops 20 servings for another flavor

HIT watermelon BCAAs

Despite being relatively quiet on the new product front for a bit, HIT Supplements have got something new for fans in 2015 with another taste for one of their flavored formulas. The supplement the brand have given extra attention is their recovery product Muscle Matrix, which combines the power of 2.5g of BCAAs, HICA and Sustamine glutamine. Usually the supplement is available in just the one flavor mixed berry, and two sizes to choose from, 5 and 50 servings. The brand have now released a second taste for Muscle Matrix introducing a much more common recipe to the product with watermelon. HIT have launched the new addition to their family through their own website, where at the moment if you pick up a tub of watermelon Muscle Matrix you will also get a free tub of the creatine Creafusion. While the offer is definitely a bargain, at $34.99 you may want to consider going back to the supplement’s original mixed berry when the deal expires. As it turns out the new Muscle Matrix flavor does come with significantly less servings at 30 instead of the usual full size total of 50. Some fans may not care too much for price, but at 40% more expensive per serving it is something worth looking in to.

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