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Pre Jym Vs Wreckage, the Muscle Pharm Jym battle continues

Pre Jym vs Wreckage

Ever since details came out on Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series pre-workout Wreckage, it’s basically been a battle between the exclusive lines mainly Pre Jym Vs Wreckage. It was the fans that first pointed out how similar Wreckage is to Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym, which resulted in a comparison proving Wreckage was 75% similar. From there we discovered Muscle Pharm’s post-workout Gainz was 95% like Stoppani’s Post Jym, then to further show just how much the Jym line had to have inspired the Hardcore Series, each supplement’s price was set 21 cents or cheaper than that of Stoppani’s competitor. Like most we are all for good quality products, however creating not just a supplement but an entire line based on or at least very similar to another, isn’t the quality we’re referring to.

Regardless of the contents used it’s not a good look trying to make something seem new, relevant and yours, despite it already being well established how ever long ago by someone every knows. In the end people will find out by word of mouth, their own research, or even from our website, and probably be a little annoyed at not finding the one that did it right first earlier. While the history of the battle is definitely interesting, Jim Stoppani himself is showing nothing but confidence in his products taking on Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series. A few weeks back he actually put together a video talking about d-aspartic acid and why it doesn’t belong in a pre-workout, much like Wreckage.

Stoppani has now uploaded a few more clips going over three other ingredients that are coincidentally also in Muscle Pharm’s new pre-workout that aren’t in Pre Jym. Phosphatidylserine, niacin and leucine which is in Pre Jym just not by itself, are all explained in detail about what they do and why they shouldn’t be in a pre-workout. This of course won’t be the last strike we see in the Pre Jym Vs Wreckage war or Jym Vs Muscle Pharm war, although it is the most recent and well worth the 15 minutes out of your day the three videos take up.