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Save more than 20% with Ronnie’s new triple size Amino-Tone


We haven’t heard much from Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series for a bit, with the last thing new from them being the beef protein powder King Beef. While it was the last new supplement we saw from Ronnie, before then it was all the same stuff just in different forms. More flavors for ISO-Tropic Max and Pro-Antium, as well as flavored versions of Beta-Stim and Stacked-N.O. For 2015 things have started off pretty much the same as it did last year with another variant of a current product. The supplement that’s got the attention this time around is Ronnie’s fat burning amino cocktail Amino-Tone, which usually comes in a 30 serving tub. As for its menu the product gives fans three flavors to choose from with all traditional tastes, fruit punch, cherry limeade and blue raspberry. Ronnie’s latest effort doesn’t see anything done to Amino-Tone’s variety of flavors, it does however bring a lot more cost effectiveness to the supplement. The new addition to the Signature Series family is a 90 serving Amino-Tone, going triple the original amount. At the moment the only place that appears to have the product is Tiger Fitness, where you do get a good idea of how much the monster is going to save you. The price on the triple size at Tiger Fitness is $69.99, which compared to the store’s price on the regular 30, does work out to a saving of more than 20% per serving. The only downside is that instead of three flavors to choose from, Ronnie has only put together one for the 90 serving with cherry limeade. For most the menu difference probably won’t be a problem, especially when you look at it as basically three 30 serving tubs for $23.30 each.