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APE Dark Night another new supplement for Athletic Edge

ape dark night

At last count we knew of just two supplements in Athletic Edge Nutrition’s big movement. The pre-workout Steel Edge and APE were the products confirmed, however it turns out there is a little more to APE’s presence in the line. Some interesting details about a spin-off supplement called APE Dark Night have now been released. While initially the product does sound like a sequel, APE Dark Night goes in a slightly different direction to the original and will be available alongside a regular APE. It is in the name of the new Athletic Edge addition that you get an idea on what APE Dark Night is about as it is in fact a nighttime formula. In the words of the brand the supplement has actually been designed to deliver multiple effects during sleep being a “nighttime natural testosterone booster, non stimulant fat burner and sleep aid product”.

To help deliver on all its promises Athletic Edge have packed APE Dark Night with seven transparently dosed ingredients. Some of the supplement’s highlights include things like melatonin for sleep support, green coffee bean for weight loss and DIM (diindolylmethane) for muscle-building. For those interested you can see the rest of APE Dark Night’s features down below where we’ve got its official facts panel. Before we close out there is one more thing we need to mention and that is confirmation of another product for Athletic Edge’s big rebrand. Joining Steeledge, APE and now APE Dark Night, will be one of the brand’s current formulas with the fat burner LIV. Unlike APE Dark Night we can’t confirm its contents yet, just that it will be in the line making it a total of four for the new Athletic Edge.

Athletic Edge APE Dark Night label

ape dark night label

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