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Athletic Edge Steeledge resurrected for rebrand

athletic edge steeledge

When Athletic Edge Nutrition confirmed the coming of a new wave of supplements, one of them being a pre-workout. We suspected the new pre-workout wasn’t going to be another PreSurge since they didn’t actually give a name for the product like last time. Today the brand have confirmed how correct we were slightly unveiling that upcoming supplement, officially called Steeledge. For those that have been around for a bit, that name may actually seem familiar as Steeledge was in fact originally used as a title about 10 years ago. As for what else you can get from the preview image there isn’t much more in terms of details, you can however get an idea on what Athletic Edge’s new products are all going to look like. The updated branding does appear stay in tune with their new logo, dropping the current black and multi-color themes for white with a touch of red. While we are still not entirely certain as to what other supplements are going to be in the line and if there will be any more new products like Athletic Edge Steeledge. We have got confirmation of at least one other item that will not be receiving any change to its name, the brand’s powder and pill muscle builder APE. There will of course be a whole lot more in the next Athletic Edge wave, which we will no doubt get more information on as the brand continue to tease and we get closer and closer to their unspecified launch.

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