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Black Market aminos still not on sale after 2 deadlines

black market aminos

It appears the two Black Market Aminos are going to take a little longer then expected. While we didn’t mind too much when the brand missed their April 6th online deadline which was said to be the earliest the two supplements Amino Bulk and Amino Cuts would go on sale. Black Market have now also missed their second online deadline of April 13th that just went by this past Monday. Like a lot of fans we are left assuming the brand are hard at work to get the products on sale as soon as possible. You can in fact see evidence of this on the Black Market aminos’ pages, as the usual links for more information on the supplements have been added. Given that there are a few doubled up and misplaced words, as well as links not connected correctly, it seems everything is almost done. For those Black Market fans waiting on online availability we will see if we can get an update on how much longer the Black Market aminos are going to take. Alternatively if you are near a Black Market stockist head on down and check them out as some places are reporting stock of Amino Cuts although nothing yet on Bulk.

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