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BSN Whey DNA gets more than double at FIBO

bsn whey dna

The big FIBO expo took place over the weekend in Cologne Germany seeing all the major brands come out to play. While we weren’t at the event, a fan of our’s submitted an image showing off a supplement that was unveiled at the event by BSN. The product was Syntha 6 Edge, some sort of spin-off protein powder that we have still yet to get more information on. Also shown off at the FIBO expo by BSN was a larger Whey DNA that we did get word on back at the Arnold, and now have a nice polished off picture of. Above you can see the brand’s DNA Series protein powder in a tub significantly bigger than the one we have here in the US. Much like that one size the second BSN Whey DNA is an awkward weight not sticking with any kind of even number. The exact volume of the original 25 serving Whey DNA is 1.85lb, so of course it only makes sense that the larger tub from FIBO measures 4.12lbs. Due to the fact that we have only got a small image of the more than double size BSN Whey DNA we can’t make out the amount of servings the new option has. If we had to give a guess though it does look like 55 servings which coincidentally fits with the same weight/servings in the 1.85lb. The question now of course is whether or not the 120% more BSN Whey DNA will in fact be coming to the US and if so will it be soon, as it seems Europe have already got their hands on it.

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