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Cannibal Inferno AMPed set to go on sale May 1st

cannibal inferno amped

Chaos and Pain fans looking forward to reliving the good times of 2014 can start counting down. The extremely hardcore yet 100% transparent brand have confirmed an exact date for when their second AMP citrate formula is being brought back to life. It was just last week that Chaos and Pain gave us a look at the full on stimulant Cannibal Inferno AMPed label, which looked to be a combination of both the brand’s original and current versions. To keep the excitement going it is next week that fans need to start counting down to, Friday the 1st of May to be exact. It is right at the end of next week that you’ll need to have your money ready with Cannibal Inferno AMPed going on sale as per usual through Chaos and Pain’s own website. Those looking for a price, the brand almost never stray from their common cost of $39.99 and if Chaos and Pain’s last few releases are anything to go by, we won’t be seeing any discount. Assuming the brand do hit their deadline, those wanting to get the best deal on Cannibal Inferno AMPed may want to wait a bit. As stock should hit stores the following few weeks where you will likely save around 5 to $10.

Updated: Chaos and Pain’s new Cannibal Inferno AMPed has now been launched direct

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