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Cannibal Inferno AMPed gets more than just AMP citrate

cannibal inferno amped

Just as Chaos and Pain promised they have now revealed the formula behind their new Cannibal Inferno AMPed. Following on from Cannibal Ferox AMPed where the brand put together an international version of their pre-workout bringing AMP citrate back into the supplement. Chaos and Pain have resurrected their once discontinued AMP citrate version of the fat burner Cannibal Inferno, made a few changes and officially titled it Cannibal Inferno AMPed. The new formula almost has as much in common with the current AMP citrate free version as it does the AMP original, so it is almost like an entirely new product. Some of the notable changes include a jump up to 300mg of caffeine, 150mg of AMP citrate as opposed to the previous edition’s 200mg, 100mg of the trademarked complex Thermo-V and lastly the introduction of 650mg ALCAR (acetyl-l-carnitine). As always we have added the facts panel for Cannibal Inferno AMPed down below to give you a closer look, which is further helped by the brand’s 100% transparency. For those interested in getting the very high stimulant weight loss supplement as soon as possible. Cannibal Inferno AMPed is expected to launch sometime in the next two weeks, likely going on sale through Chaos and Pain’s own store before anywhere else.

Cannibal Inferno AMPed fact panel

cannibal inferno amped label

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