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P28’s Caramel Turtle Spread definitely not a joke

caramel turtle spread

On a day where every outrageous new supplement is of course a joke, there have been a few posts that have made us take a second look. P28 is one of the few brands that posted something that forced us to double-check, with a new flavor for their High Protein Spread. Whether you believe it or not this one is real, as sometime soon joining the product’s current menu of peanut butter, signature blend, white chocolate, almond butter, banana raisin and the limited edition gingerbread, is caramel turtle. For those unfamiliar with what exactly a caramel turtle is, traditionally it appears the recipe is a combination of chocolate, caramel and some kind of nut, usually pecans. While P28 will be keeping with the chocolate and caramel, their mixture will feature cashews as its nut source. The best description of the brand’s caramel turtle spread of course comes from P28 themselves “Made with the highest quality milk chocolate, creamy rich caramel, and delicately sweet cashew butter”. For now the seventh High Protein Spread is only confirmed as coming soon, with the product expected to be launched the same way as all the others, through the brand’s own website.

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