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Chaos and Pain Hypnos now available in 2 flavors

chaos and pain hypnos

This announcement not only goes out to fans who have been waiting for Chaos and Pain’s Olympus Series Hypnos, but also those who since late last year have been waiting for Cannibal Coma. If you missed the announcement, the brand confirmed they basically took what they had done with Coma, improved it then renamed the supplement Hypnos. We don’t know why or to be honest don’t really need to know, all that matters is that the product is a part of the Olympus Series and now officially titled Hypnos. In the same announcement as the name and formula change, Chaos and Pain did also confirm a launch wait of between one to two weeks. That time frame put the third Olympus supplement on sale this week, a deadline the brand have indeed met. Chaos and Pain’s sleep support product is finally available direct from their website for the common price of $39.99. Each tub of Hypnos packs a total of 40 servings, however don’t necessarily count that as 40 sleeps as to get the maximum effect of the product you can throw back two servings. The two flavors you have to choose from are both from the fellow Olympus Series supplement Mercury, with elysium fruit and lemonberry nectar. From here we should see store availability pretty soon, where the usual retail price will save you about 5 to $10.

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