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Chocolate pretzel Protean now available at All Star Health

chocolate pretzel protean

iForce Nutrition weren’t exactly known for getting creative with protein powder flavors up until they dropped one of the longest names we know of. While the brand’s mainstream protein powder 100% Whey Protean comes in all the usual options, chocolate milk, strawberries & cream and vanilla dream. iForce also have the very unique recipe brown sugar maple oatmeal cookie. Instead of going for the more traditional cookies or banana, they really went out of their way to put together something different. Over the last few months the brand have been teasing yet another unique flavor that has now hit a few iForce retailers. The name may not be as lengthy as brown sugar maple oatmeal cookie, but chocolate covered pretzel should definitely make you a bit hungry. If the option is even half as good as its titled, it should prove to be both delicious and something quite special. Most of the major stores don’t appear to have the chocolate pretzel Protean just yet, if you visit All Star Health however you will be given two choices. Not only can you pick up one of the latest flavors from iForce at All Star in the supplement’s 57 serving 4lb tub, but you can also grab 10 packets of it for a fraction of the price. No doubt other locations will be getting chocolate pretzel Protean soon, although if you don’t mind All Star’s price you have no reason to wait.

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