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Crystal X kept aside for Cobra Lab’s Curse Variety Pack

curse variety pack

As Crystal X still stands as a coming soon supplement from Cobra Labs, the brand continue to add to their other two products. In the past few months we’ve seen Cobra introduce a new option for each of their flavored formulas the Curse and the Ripper, with orange mango for the pre-workout and pineapple shred for the fat burner. It seems the brand are going to keep their attention on what they currently have available, putting Crystal X aside once again to make room for another Curse addition. This time instead of giving Cobra fans more tastes to choose from they’ve been given the chance to try half the supplement’s menu with a Curse variety pack. Based on the colors seen on the outside of the three serving sampler, the mini box set appears to include one sachet each of blue raspberry ice, green apple envy and lemon rush. Those three are also coincidentally the only flavors available in the product’s five serving trial size as seen on, the same place the Curse variety pack has gone on sale. The price fans can expect to pay for a taste of almost every option is $6.99, although if you head over to today you can take advantage of their buy two get one free deal giving you three samples of each flavor.

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