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MusclePharm’s Energy Sport gets an 8% increase at

energy sport

We unfortunately do have to apologize as the other day we said it wasn’t likely would be following in the footsteps of Muscle & Strength. For those that missed it, Muscle & Strength originally launched MusclePharm’s new Energy Sport for $21.97 per case. The price was well below anyone else, however things changed soon after the store’s release as they ended up increasing Energy Sport’s cost to $33.50. As for we didn’t think they would be changing their price, although as it turns out and much to our surprise we were wrong. What seemed like a pretty good regular price for MusclePharm’s latest at the online store was apparently too cheap. Initially’s one and still only flavor for Energy Sport Zero onyx cherry, was set at $24.99 for a full case of 12 cans. For whatever reason it has now been knocked up about 8% to $26.99 for the same amount. There wasn’t any promotion previously running, so it is the regular cost that has gone up. While 8% is almost insignificant working out to about 15 cents extra per can, it is strange to see this many changes to Energy Sport’s price especially after it’s been launched.

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