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Alpha Pro’s Gr8test getting black currant down under


At the moment Alpha Pro Nutrition’s testosterone boosting formula Gr8test is available in a total of two tastes. Fans of the brand have anabolic cola and kiwi strawberry to choose from, both produced in the product’s one 45 serving tub size. Alpha Pro are have now announced the coming of a third for Gr8test, seeing the supplement joined by yet another rather unique recipe. While Gr8test’s kiwi strawberry isn’t overly rare anabolic cola is, especially here in the US. The flavor set to make it three for the product is black currant, definitely an option you won’t see too often if at all. Seeing as Alpha Pro are quite big down under it may be disappointing but not too surprising to hear that black currant Gr8test will be exclusive to Australia. For those wanting to get their hands on the new taste as soon as possible, the Gr8test announcement for now is unfortunately just an announcement. Black currant is only being teased as coming soon, with Alpha Pro warning fans in Australia to keep and eye out.

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