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Head Crusher Series finally detailed and released

head crusher

Yesterday we got our first close up look at Scitec Nutrition’s Head Crusher Series intra-workout 12 Rounds, officially confirming the supplement’s category. Exactly one day later we now have everything you need to know about the line all the way from ingredients to sizes. Following on from 12 Rounds the rest of the Head Crusher Series categories are pre-workout for Slap, testosterone formula Testo Punch and the multi-vitamin Strike Back. The surprise of the group has to be Strike Back as a vitamin would have been one of our last guess based on its name. As for the contents of the Head Crusher products, coming from a European company you know they’re not going to be overly ground-breaking. That is the main reason why we’re not too shocked by the ingredients in something like the pre-workout Slap featuring carnitine, caffeine, choline and a small blend of aminos. 12 Rounds and Testo Punch are a little more interesting combining much more complex sets of ingredients in particular 12 Rounds, where Scitec have mixed together carbohydrates, beta-alanine, carnitine again, citrulline DL-malate and a few others. While you can go to the brand’s website to see the formulas behind each of the Head Crusher Series supplements, we have taken the time to cut ’em up and upload them down below. Since all the information is now out of the bag and the products have been added online, you can probably start to look out for 12 Rounds, Strike Back, Slap and Testo Punch at your favorite Scitec stockist.

Head Crusher Series 12 Rounds facts panel

head crusher 12 rounds

Head Crusher Series Slap facts panel

head crusher slap

Head Crusher Series Strike Back facts panel

head crusher strike back

Head Crusher Series Testo Punch facts panel

head crusher testo punch

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