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Keep your gallon cool with the Isolator Jug

isolator jug

While 6 Pack Fitness and Fitmark tend to be the two major meal management and bag brands we talk about, mainly due to the level of creativity and style they bring together. Isolator Fitness have proven that they are definitely in the mix and they can also produce interesting products. Some of their items have possibly been more creative than competitors, which is something you can see in their latest unveiling. Due to go on sale sometime soon is the Isolator Jug, or officially titled the Jug. It is a bag designed solely to keep your gallon jug cool, convenient and feel a little more special. For those wondering if this is a late April Fool’s, believe it or not it is in fact the real deal. The Isolator Jug will not only house your gallon but it also has room for two ice bricks, a mesh pocket for your gym essentials and a shoulder strap to conveniently cart your bottle around. While it is by far one of the strangest products we’ve seen from a gym or supplement accessory company, it does show quite a bit of thought. You probably won’t feel as awesome as you do strolling around the gym or out in public carrying your gallon in one hand, but if you are interested stay tuned as Isolator are going to announce the Jug’s launch date soon.

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