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Image of 50% extra Kaged Carnitine appears

kaged carnitine

Not too long after Kaged Muscle initially went on sale at Kris Gethin’s brand got its own website where images of the unreleased supplement Hydra-Charge started getting a bit of attention. Much like when the hydration formula appeared, which has still yet to actually go on sale. A shot of another mystery Kaged Muscle product has shown up, however this time it isn’t quite as interesting. A bottle of Kaged Carnitine has appeared with a red band wrapped around its neck separating it from the original. It is in the band that you can see the text “50% more free” confirming the coming or at least the existence of a bonus bottle of Kaged Carnitine. Based on the number featured and the regular supplement’s count of 250, the new size should pack a total of 375 capsules working out to be 281g of Carnipure carnitine tartrate. The big question of course is why does the product in the picture still look like it says 250 capsules. Our hope there is that it is an error and not that the 250 for whatever reason includes the 50%, although that would be a little strange since it’d leave the intended original on 166 capsules and 2/3 of one. We’re left to assume the supplement is still on its way along with the February spotted Hydra Charge, which doesn’t exactly get our hopes up for seeing the bonus Kaged Carnitine anytime soon.

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