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Kaged publishes a page going over some of the supplements you won’t see on shelves any more

Kaged Help Page For Discontinued Products

The selection of sports nutrition products from the team at Kaged has changed a lot over the last year and a bit, not just in terms of branding — with the sleek and stylish appearance of the Elite Series — but also regarding the variety of supplements, it actually has available on the market. If you head over to its online store at, you’ll see there are several products no longer listed, including the likes of the plant-based protein powder Plantein and, surprisingly, the brand’s first complex supplement In-Kaged.

As mentioned, Kaged has undergone a lot of changes, and the removal or discontinuation of certain products can be tough on fans, especially if it’s something they’ve come to rely on, whether it be the likes of Plantein for a daily dose of plant-powered protein or In-Kaged to power you through a workout. Thoughtfully, the reputable brand has gone ahead and put together a page on its website at that goes over the supplements it has decided to stop producing and provides reasons as to why.

For example, Kaged explains that it no longer sells Casein, which was what its first-ever protein powder, Kasein, was based around, but it feels Kaged Protein Isolate Elite tastes better and mixes easier. In-Kaged has indeed been removed as well, and for fans who came to rely on that in its many years on the market, Kaged suggests they use one of its pre-workouts to go that extra mile and buy its standalone BCAAs for the recovery aspect. Again, you can look it over at, and it’s a great resource to find out what’s come and gone at Kaged, and also get a few suggestions on what and how to replace some of the products.

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