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Kaged Muscle intra and post-workout formulas in testing

kaged muscle

Back in December of last year launched Kris Gethin’s own line of supplements called Kaged Muscle. The range was essentially a collection of commodity products with things like carnitine, caffeine, citrulline and BCAAs. Also on the brand’s list of formulas there was Hydra-Charge, a supplement that was first unveiled back when Kaged Muscle arrived although has yet to go on sale. It turns out Hydra-Charge isn’t the only thing Kris Gethin has lined up for his brand, as news has come in about at least two more complex products. Shots of a Kaged Muscle intra-workout and a post-workout have surfaced, not exactly confirming the existence of an intra and post but at least confirming the fact that they’re being tested. Back when the Kris Gethin collection originally arrived we did think more supplements would be coming at a later stage and that some of the more complex categories were going to be targets. What makes things even more interesting is that if a Kaged Muscle intra-workout and a post-workout are being looked at, you can almost count on a pre-workout also being somewhere in the conversation. Unfortunately as exciting as the intra and post news is, the two products do appear to be very deep in testing. Once Kris Gethin himself has given them the green light maybe then we can start looking forward to something, however until then we just have the idea of the items to be excited about.

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