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2 new P28 Pancake Dry Mix flavors launched as promised

pancake dry mix

Last week P28 announced two new flavors for their High Protein Pancake Dry Mix. The tastes were chocolate coconut and strawberries n’ cream, doubling the supplement’s original menu of white chocolate and buttermilk buckwheat. It was also in that announcement that P28 said they would be launching the two new flavors on April the 29th, a promise the brand have in deed kept. Just as PES launched their latest earlier today, P28 have made chocolate coconut and strawberries n’ cream available for order on their website. The two very different options have been uploaded for the same price you would usually pay direct from the brand at $25.98 for a pack of two cans. If you do decide you want to spend more to save more you’ll want to look at half a dozen. Six cans will drop the individual price down to $11.99 each, compared to the two pack’s $12.99. From here we’d imagine chocolate coconut and strawberries n’ cream will be heading out to stores. So if you’d rather wait for possibly a better price or the ability to purchase supplements on top of the new Pancake Dry Mixes, your time is coming.

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