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Save big on Prime’s new Platinum product Partition MD

partition md

If you liked the look of Prime Nutrition’s latest Platinum Series supplement Partition MD, but didn’t like the price we’ve got a solution for you. While Prime’s Platinum products are top quality as we’ve found out first hand with the intra-workout recovery formula Intra-MD and the pre-workout Max-HP. Their prices aren’t as low as some may like, especially on launch when they’re available direct for the usual high values. Fortunately Prime have got something that definitely saves the day, and may actually annoy those who jumped in early and grabbed Partition MD at the full $44.99. As we’ve mentioned here numerous times before, most of the brand’s athletes do have coupon codes that they give out to fans to buy supplements direct from Prime. One of those athletes is of course the man behind Intra-MD as well as Partition MD, John Meadows, who has the coupon “MOUNTAINDOG1“. Basically if you take that code and throw in at checkout with Partition MD the cost of the latest Prime Platinum product will drop from $44.99 all the way down to $35.99. While stores may very well end up getting the supplement for that price, there are no doubt fans that can’t wait until then and now don’t have to pay extra for the early experience.

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