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Prime Nutrition ready to take on Australia with Nutrition Systems

prime nutrition australia

As brands grow and stretch out into more and more locations, the next big step once they’ve taken over all they can in the US is head overseas. Getting into international markets is not as simple as it sounds as a lot more things come into play. While regulations are a big issue due to a lot of countries not allowing certain ingredients to be used in supplements. The markets are also very different, pricing and partnerships play a major role, and of course getting a good distributor with a good reach is a must. Prime Nutrition are now in that position to take off overseas and have just announced their move into one of the bigger markets of the world. The brand have formed a partnership with Nutrition Systems in Australia, the reliable name behind big players such as Cellucor, Muscletech and Gaspari. Being a major distributor Nutrition Systems do also cover New Zealand, so expect to see the Prime line all the way down there as well. The big question now of course is how many of the brand’s products will be making the trip, which for that we’ll have to wait and see. The Platinum Series supplements will most definitely be the important ones and likely, since none of them seem to have any frowned upon features.

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