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Reds & Greens XT packing a whole lot more reds & greens

red & greens xt

With already two new items for the week we definitely thought AI Sports were well and truly done for a bit. Much to our surprise the brand have today announced yet another new product following on from their custom Cyclone Cup and strawberry Sportbiotic. The latest from AI is actually a sequel supplement with Reds & Greens XT. Being a sequel you may be wondering what makes it better or at least different. The answer to that obviously lies in the product’s list of ingredients where it goes well beyond what the brand have in their original. While we won’t go through each and every feature of the first Reds & Greens, in total it packs 29 different ingredients carrying a combined weight of 2g. As for Reds & Greens XT AI’s one proprietary not only weighs a whole lot more at 3.6g but it also lists 39 different features, 10 more than its predecessor. At the moment the cost of the new supplement is set at $39.99 direct from the brand’s website, $5 more than the regular Reds & Greens. Despite being that fraction more expensive and also having four less servings, when you work out Reds & Greens XT’s actual amount of reds and greens you’ll realize it is far better value. Instead of the 68g worth of title ingredients, XT gives you 40g more with a weight of 108g. For those interested in replacing their regular version with Reds & Greens XT as soon as they can. As mentioned AI’s latest is already available direct from the brand with one flavor to choose from in strawberry kiwi.

AI Reds & Greens XT label

Reds & Greens XT

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