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More freebie deals from Scitec with five other offers


The other day we posted about some deals Scitec Nutrition are running at select stockists from April the 20th through until everything runs out. The promotions we mentioned were for the new flavors of 100% Whey Protein Professional and 4.4kg tubs of the mass gainer Jumbo Professional. Basically if your purchase is in either of those areas you get a trial size of either Crea-Bomb or Scitec’s pre-workout Hot Blood 3.0. It turns out we were missing quite a few other offers Scitec have for April, as there are in fact five more. Starting with the brand’s main series supplements, if you pick up a box of Macatron you’ll get a 10 serving bag of BCAA Xpress, and if you grab a full size box of the fat burner Top Shape you’ll get five servings of the glutamine formula G-Bomb. Moving on to the other three deals, we are left with freebies for Scitec’s WOD Crusher line. The remaining three products are Unbroken Pak, NEM Forte and Fireworks, which will all individually score you a trial size four serving of the fellow WOD Crusher supplement Balanced Recovery. As mentioned previously these offers are only available at select Scitec stockists, so do check with your retailer before purchasing if you’re after any of the freebies.

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