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Thermogenic Shred makes it 3 chromes for Six Star

thermogenic shred

When Six Star Pro Nutrition launched their rebranded range of supplements, we were introduced to two very different looking products. While everything in the line was relabeled in straightforward black and red cylinder type bottles the supplements Pre-Workout Explosion and Amino Max were given a slightly different treatment. The two did both get cylinder bottles, however their labels took a lot more effort as Six Star colored them all in chrome. The brand have now added to the much more attention grabbing line with the equally chrome colored fat burner Thermogenic Shred. Unlike Pre-Workout Explosion, Thermogenic Shred is actually 100% transparent listing exact doses for each of its seven ingredients. We have added the facts panel for the latest Six Star formula down below, with some of its highlights being 270mg of caffeine, 20mg yohimbe bark, 200mg of green coffee bean and 20mg of the increasingly popular grains of paradise. By the looks of things the Six Star product is already on its way out to stores with Thermogenic Shred’s dedicated information page now online and directing fans to Walmart.

Six Star Thermogenic Shred label

Thermogenic Shred label