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True Grit have finally launched their last supplement at after we saw Test Booster hit the market two weeks back. Multi was the one fans were all waiting for, which can now be purchased from its one and only retailer for the slightly surprising price of $19.99. Whether vitamins are complex or simple, when there is a big name behind them the price can sometimes be quite bad, which is why $19 coming from True Grit is impressive. Fortunately unlike with Test Booster and more like what did when they initially released True Grit, the brand’s Multi has gone on sale with a promotion. The deal is actually the exact same as what was available when True Grit arrived with 20% off the product. For those that were already quite happy with the sub $20 cost the discount will impress you that little bit extra as it takes Multi down to just $15.99, saving you four bucks. What might be even more interesting to hear is that almost the entire True Grit line has coincidentally got deals running on it in combination with this week’s launch. Multi’s 20% discount does also apply to the 2lb Protein and Thermo, with Pre and Test getting a buy one half off promotion. As mentioned is the place to go to get it all, and will continue to be as True Grit is the online store’s exclusive brand.

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