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Aminolution launched direct by Body Nutrition for just $17.95


After we posted up the facts panel for Body Nutrition’s new amino cocktail Aminolution earlier in the week, the brand have now launched the supplement. Whether or not you liked the look of the formula or couldn’t get past the fact that it doesn’t feature your typical essential amino acid (EAA) combination. It is available for purchase and with an introductory offer that is likely going to make you forget the highlights used to promote the product. Basically the deal Body Nutrition have put together is a full size 30 serving tub of Aminolution for just $17.95. If you want to compare that to the likes of MAN’s great tasting ISO Amino, when worked out to the same serving amount and BCAA dose it’s like getting ISO for $14.95. While Aminolution probably won’t taste as unique as ISO Amino you need to remember that Body Nutrition’s cocktail doesn’t end at the BCAAs. After Aminolution’s 6g it goes on to list another 6g of ingredients with the likes of 2g of glutamine, 1g betaine anhydrous and 1g of citrulline. If you were slightly interested before the $17.95 sale is probably enough to get you to invest, and if you weren’t even considering Aminolution it’s now definitely worth a look. Like all good introductory deals Body Nutrition’s isn’t going to go on forever so get it while you can at

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