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Athletic Edge APE Series confirms a few more APEs

athletic edge ape series

After confirming the contents of Athletic Edge Nutrition’s upcoming pre-workout supplement SteelEdge, the brand did pass on news of a little something else. Based on the information released so far, we know of four products in the new Athletic Edge line up. The aforementioned pre-workout SteelEdge, fat burner LIV, muscle builder APE and the APE spin off APE Dark Night. While we do know there are more supplements in the line outside of those, Athletic Edge have said there is going to be more than just the one new APE formula. In the words of the brand there will be an APE line extension, which at this point knowing details on APE Dark Night are out there means we are likely in for more than the two known APEs. It is difficult to guess what other directions Athletic Edge could be going in for the extra line, although being related to APE you have to assume muscle building is involved with each product in some way. More information on the new Athletic Edge APE Series is expected next week, the same time frame the brand have confirmed for when SteelEdge will start shipping.

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