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Black Skull release details on most of the Eduardo Correa Series

black skull isolon

Earlier this morning we posted details on two of Black Skull’s new Carol Saraiva Series products, the caffeine only fat burner Hot Skinny and the protein powder Pussycat Whey. Following on from the brand’s big unveiling at the Arnold Classic Brazil, we’ve also got information on items from their other new line the Eduardo Correa Series. We already knew the collection consisted of eight different supplements Hydrolysis, Isolon, Waxymaize D-R, BCAA Powder and BCAA 3:1:1 (capsules), Heart Attack, Bone Crusher and Draco. Just like the Carol Saraiva Series, Black Skull haven’t released everything about the products in the Eduardo Correa Series leaving Bone Crusher as the only one without details.

Starting off with the basic supplements we have BCAA and BCAA Powder, both obviously BCAA formulas with the capsule version in two sizes 120 and 240 capsules, and the powder in one size and two flavors, guarana or lemon. Next are the two weight loss products Draco and Heart Attack that like Carol Saraiva’s fat burner Hot Skinny, they’re both caffeine individuals. What separates the two are their doses as Draco packs 210mg of caffeine per capsule, with Heart Attack featuring 420mg. Moving on to the last few we have the appropriately titled Waxymaize D-R which we now know is a combination of waxymaize and d-ribose, then the two protein powders Isolon and Hydrolysis. If you couldn’t quite figure out the difference between Isolon and Hydrolysis from the picture above, the supplements do of course say it all in their names. Isolon is a formula with almost no fat and carbs listing whey isolate and micellar casein as it sources, compared to Hydrolysis the 100% hydrolyzed whey product.

Just like two of the five Carol Saraiva Series supplements Hot Skinny and Pussycat Whey, a selection of the Black Skull Eduardo Correa line has already started showing up in stores with pre-order opportunities. The arrival date at the likes of Corpo Ideal appears to be June 7th, which will see pre-sales of their new Black Skull products processed roughly a week from today.

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