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Pussycat Whey and Hot Skinny details released

pussycat whey

Just as the brand promised this weekend at the Arnold Classic Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Black Skull have unveiled all their new supplements. We knew the event was going to bring two new lines, one of them being the Carol Saraiva Series. The Carol Saraiva inspired collection is a combination of five products Hot Skinny, Sexy Bony, Diva Butt, Pussycat Whey and Poison. Unfortunately we couldn’t be on hand at the Arnold Classic Brazil to see all the items, however the brand have dropped quite a bit of information. Details on Hot Skinny and Pussycat Whey have been revealed, confirming Hot Skinny as a (210mg) caffeine only fat burner and Pussycat Whey as your regular protein powder. The macros making up Pussycat Whey are 22g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates (1.2g sugar), 1.6g of fat with 115 calories. When it comes to flavors Black Skull fans have three to choose from with the brand’s latest protein powder, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. While both Carol Saraiva Series supplements Hot Skinny and Pussycat Whey have been unveiled at the Arnold Classic Brazil, they have already started showing up in stores with pre-sale offers. The others Sexy Bony, Diva Butt and Poison, are expected to arrive soon, however if you like the look of Hot Skinny and Pussycat Whey places like Corpo Ideal are taking pre-orders and will be shipping them in about a week from now.

Black Skull Pussycat Whey

pussycat whey

Black Skull Hot Skinny

hot skinny

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